First Girls Champion Sarah Garcia

Girl Division  Alexis (x1)

First 4 time champion and longest reigning champ. 6 months

April  Rosas (x1)

Briana Knight (x1)


Cassandra arroyo (x 0)

Hannah (x 3)


Desire ( x 2) 


Tishy (x 2)

Current Champion: Kevina G

LHCW was founded by Cindy Alvarado & Gaby Garcia in 2010. Having a official roster of 6 girls the wrestling program the company would have one- on- one matches that would later evolve into all wrestling. The Girls Championship was introduced in 2011 and the wrestling would add story lines to perform to a small live audience. At the fatality event in April, Sarah Garcia ( sister of Gaby) won the championship and held it for 3 weeks. Later at another event she was beaten by her own sister for the title and her reign lasted for a total of 3 months ( the longest reigning time at the time). She was then beaten by new comer Daisy, who's title lasted for a total of 2 months n 1 day. Sarah and her then fought and had a storyline declaring a love interest, Sarah beat her for the title but by the end Sarah stole daisys boy friend and daisy stole the title back


Sarah (right) & sister Gaby (left)

Later in 2012 the girl roster seemed to constantly grown and decrease, brief matches were performed and no storyline were added because Sarah had left.Later in 2013 daisy had made a return after being injured ( at the time, she was the face of the company) upcoming diva , Kevina made her debut as well as Cassandra,April,Hannah,Alexis, and broke ( who later quit due to injury.

Kevina then brought great attention and buzz to the company after defeating April so easily. Daisy and Kevina then were put in a storyline , in which Kevina pretended to be a secret admirer. Daisy then beat April for the title, lasting 4 days and Kevina defeated her for the title later at the fatality event. Kevinas Title reign and character as a heel created great buzz as she won the title an additional 3 more times. Kevina is the first 4 time champion and also has the longest title reign ( 203 days during 2nd title reign). The company then generated more buzz when Kevina quit and returned later and won the title back for the 4th time in December. Now in 2015, the main roster seemingly grew.

Reign check. Current girls Longest reigns Kevina 2nd reign ( 203 days) Trishy 1st reign ( 178 days) Desire 2nd reign ( 151 days) Daisy 3rd reign ( 112 days) April 1st reign ( 98 days)



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