Kevina is a 13 year old LHCW Girls Champion. Kevina G hads made an amazing impression on the LHCW universe. She is the First and only 4 time Champion, and has held the title 203 days on her second reign.

Kevina first debuted in 2013 as a Tag Partner with her sister Audrey G, the 2 were called "The dynamic Duo".Later in 2013, Audrey G quit leaving Kevina as a solo contender. As time went on, audiences saw Kevinas True potential when she was put in a storyline with Daisy. Having a Character of a "Crazy Chick" she would act similar to A.J Lee. She later was added into the Girls Championship Matches. She then was 1# contender but lost her opportunity when she had a match with daisy for the slot.

She later got the title in a Fatal 4-way match but lost it six days later. She then left the company for a while and returned with a new and improved character and moveset . She then seemed to be defeating many other female wrestlers and was a threat to the champion. After the title was Vacant the company had a pull out a card game in which someone would draw out a card and the name on the ticket would be champion. She filled all the boxes with many cards with her name but unsuccessfully was drawn out. She later declared a championship Match. and proved she was capable. She then was put in a One-on-One Championship match in March of 2014.

She was Victorious and seemed to be very hard to defeat, after she would either have other interfere or defeat her opponents with her painful moves. She was challenged 24 times to retain the title and won every single one. A tournament was held to declare the winner which led to Daisy vs. Kevina. Kevina won the whole tournament retaining her title. She then was put through numerous matched in which she constantly was disqualified . She then lost her title by hannah due to getting hit by an item and being tricked into the ring while the referee was not looking. her second reign ended at 203 days. She then won the title agian but lost it to Trishy due to being sprayed in the face with hairspray. She later left agian but returned in November, and won the title from Trishy in December and she is currently still Champion.


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