Daisy is a 14 year old 3 time Girls Champion. First joining to LCHW in 2011, she has currently brought alot of viewers to the shows. During her Debut , Daisy pulled out numerous daring stunts as well as moves. IN 2014 she was named Girl wrestler of LCHW of the year, and got the title a total of 3 times from *October 4, 2011-december 19, 2011 - november 8, 2014. her moveset consist of 'Skies the limit'/camel clutch & The MONKEY FLIP. She is currently on the roster.

On August 13, 2011 Daisy debuted as a solo wrestler. Later joining the team of Sarah, during the Choose a sister era, Daisy later made her role known when she betrayed Sarah Garcia for Gaby Garcia and then betrayed Gaby and put herself for the title (Sarah held the title at the time). Both feeling betrayed , Gaby & Sarah (Garcia twins) would add daisy to theyre fued. Gaby later would get the title from her sister. She later won the title for the first time and gained love for Tomas Rassel. Sarah ultimately declared revenge and stole Tomas from her and her title. But daisy had gotten the best of her and won the title back. She later got injured in 2012 and the title was vacant. She later made a return almost a year later and was being sent stuff from a fan who later was her love interest . A Month later she was shocked to discover Kevina had been behind it the whole time. She later began a fued over it and was involved in a Triple Threat Match with The current Champion, and kevina. During 2013 she gained a friendly rivalry with the 1# contender Kevina, who stupidly declared to fight daisy for the 1# contender spot ( Which Kevina Lost). Later in December She began a friendship with Hannah, and would be there for her ,/ later they became besties. She quit in January 2014 & made a amazing return to fight the Current Champion Kevina. She challenged Kevina numerous times losing alll of them. She then began a rivalry with Trishy and Ultimately ended her Friendship with Hannah calling her " Stupid bitch!". Then she beat trishy for the title making it her 3 reign.

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